Friday, July 15, 2011

Yoga in Gorman, Texas?

I keep remembering this line in the movie High Fidelity.

John Cusack's girlfriend is criticizing him for being a professional critic. Because, after all, its much easier to criticize what other people put out in the world than to put something out there yourself.

We're proud this week that we have put something new out in the world. Kirk Ranch Organics Yoga just finished its second class with six students. As usual, all of the things we worried about ahead of time never materialized and we got a few inspiring surprises to boot.

Consider the 65, 74 and 75 year-old women, who have never done yoga in their lives, showing up to class tonight. Two of them, even attended the first one, where their instructor was fooled by their youthful good looks and had them lunging from down dog to standing over and over like nazi yoga girl. They were so gracious to return for a second time. We hope when we're 75, we have the gumption to try new, not to mention physically challenging, things. We are really inspired by these women.

One of our younger students keeps posting to her 450 Facebook friends little reminders to come to yoga in Gorman. We love her. She's our marketing department.

Not only is the company of giggling, sweating women gratifying, but that company, when you are new in town, is especially sweet. As a joke, we suggested that the first man to come to yoga class gets an award, but on second thought...maybe it's perfect with just us girls.  March 11, 2010

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